Technology is playing an increasingly greater role in the implementation and administration of employee benefits programs. The right tools will save you time and money, but identifying and choosing the right tools is no easy task. Because we focus only on employee benefits and human resources, we can help you select, implement and maintain the technologies that match the needs of your business. The following are some of the tools available to you.

Employee Benefits Portals

BDG Portal ImageEmployee benefits portals customized with your company brand can give your employees easy access to centralized online information about benefits, health and wellness tools, HR policies and procedures, and individual access to health risk assessments and personal health records.

You can also maximize HR personnel efficiency and minimize burdensome administrative tasks by cutting down on the time spent providing employees with routine HR information, sending basic forms, and answering day-to-day HR questions.

Company-branded benefits portals can be simple in design or structured to automate complex benefits and HR functions.

Employee Benefits Center

Benefits communication presents a sizeable challenge for human resource departments because employees often don't think about their benefits until they need them. Passing out handouts or sending the occasional email still leaves many employees in the dark. The Employee Benefit Center' (EBC) can keep your employees informed about their benefits and save you time, money and energy. This online portal, accessible to employees, can provide a wealth of information on all your employee benefits as well as all necessary forms. Instead of handing out pieces of paper and answering tons of questions, let your EBC provide your employees with the knowledge they need to use and appreciate their benefits package.

Benefits Connect

What is it? benefitsCONNECT® is a web-based, employee benefits enrollment and administration platform to electronically connect brokers, human resource administrators, employees, carriers,and third party administrators who participate in the benefits enrollment and benefits administration to streamline the process.The benefitsCONNECT® system is very customizable and can meet the needs of nearly any employer organization. System features include:

  • Online Enrollment
  • Employees select their benefits through simple, paperless enrollment process
  • Save time and money with the efficiency of managing employee eligibility, elections and payroll connections in one place

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